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Q: Why should I use a professional locksmith when I can buy the materials at a hardware store and install them myself?

A: Skilled professional locksmiths bring experience and current knowledge to your home or business. They also have access to higher quality locks and devices that are not generally carried by stores that serve the broad general public. We can offer pick and drill resistance, access control options, and protection against unauthorized key duplication. Galaxy Locksmith also does the job faster than the casual home handyman.

Q: I am a busy person. Can Galaxy Locksmith give me a firm appointment time?

A: Yes. We will always give you a date and hour for our service visit. If we are delayed en route by traffic, we will phone ahead.

Q: My landlord gave me the keys to my apartment; why should I get new locks?

A: Some property owners don’t install new locks when they rent to a new tenant, they swap locks with other vacant apartments. Who else has your key? Might they return?



I locked my keys in my car trunk and the all the doors were locked, so I called this locksmith that i got the phone num from 411. They responded very fast, I couldn’t believe it, I just called them and within 20 minutes they got my trunk open and gave me my keys.

By Fred — May 25, 2009

The first time I got locked out i tried opening the door myself with no luck so i dialed 411 for a locksmith to come unlock my door. The locksmith who came unlock my door in a minute.

A nice guy By edda — Aug 2, 2009

He gave me some security advice, pointed out some code violations without trying to bump up some more money, and replaced the cylinder on my old deadbolt and matched it to my old key set. What else can u ask from a locksmith? A nice guy totally recommended.?

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