Master Key Systems

When you are operating a business, managing the keys and security of your establishment can be difficult. Whenever keyholders leave the company, it’s hard to make the decision to change the locks again and double down on your security measures. Even if a company doesn’t have a high turnover rate, it still is a huge responsibility to withhold. But, there is a solution to this problem, it’s called master key systems.

The Master Key Systems is a process in which all of the locks at a location are all different yet can still be opened by one key. This means if you compartmentalize the security in your business you would only effectively change one key or lock when you are shifting key responsibility. The Master Key means that only one key can open every lock, but every lock can also be opened by just one key. So if you have several locks for areas but only one door that needs to be opened every morning, the key master would only need to change one lock when the keyholder departs from the company.

Benefits of the Master Key Systems

The most significant benefit of the master key system is that it limits key variance. When you have five keys for one lock and those keys cannot open any other door, it makes tracking the key much easier. This actually lowers the cost of key duplication while also retaining control of the master key to one core handler.

The second is increased lock variability. When all the locks are designed around one key with variations per door, it decreases the total amount of locks that need to be changed when the time comes. Instead of changing all of the locks in an establishment, you now only need to change one lock.

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